What can Aim do for you?

An image is worth a thousand words

Have you ever had the need to explain your product or service but find out words just are not enough?

Aim Studio will help you create explanation videos for your brand, illustrations for your articles. Illustrations for books and ready to fulfill all your visual design needs.

Aim services are catered for each individual's needs, personalized attention and 100% satisfaction guaranteed! 


Send an email when you're ready so we can start taking your product or service to the next level!

Who's Aim?

Aim Studio is the name of a one-woman company! 

My name is María Gómez, I am a Mexican animator and illustrator that will bring all the passion from my roots into creating the best product you can expect.

I'm highly customer service oriented, with a few years under my belt to prove it, I have dealt with tight deadlines and all kind of clients. 

My work has been praised in different film festivals around the world, I am confident we can make this happen for your brand as well.

If you have any questions about me, my qualifications or my work, let's get in touch and I'll be happy to address them.

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