Alison was born on Long Island in the state of New York, USA. Her materal grandparents were from Norway. Her paternal grandparents were from Ireland but 1/4 of her heritage is unknown. 

Alison moved to Norway when she was 19 and has been an artist since. She works with adult classes in art for 45 years and 20 years ago she included the spiritual side of her by teaching Psychic Science and Philosophy.  She is educated in this field (mediumship, healing, philosophy) as well as Advertising Design, Sculpture, Rosemaling, Hypno therapy and Coaching. She has her own studio attached to her home and welcomes all. She is busy working at an age of 71 and is finally starting her dream to finish her books. Alison is an exciting person to meet, she is open and lives her life freely with nature, art, her lovely little dog, Floki and also helping everyone she meets to live the good life. 

contact info is email: aimstudio@yahoo.com

She offers:

Auraraph / Soul Name Euro/£/$ 250 plus postage

Spirit Team notes Euro/£/$ 170

Personlised Mandala plus notes Euro/£/$ 190 plus postage

Sigil Euro/£/$ 60 (contact Alison aimstudio@yahoo.com)

 If you like my art some can be printed in small formats and sent worldwide